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Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplast

General Information

Upper eyelid drooping and the problems arising from it

The upper eyelids are structures with protection function which damp the eyeball and keep it moist. The wearing effect of time shows itself as drooping on upper eyelids. This sagging may only be skin excess, or it may be the drooping or falling of the upper eyelid (ptosis) which narrows the sight.

The drooping of upper eyelids is a situation where the aging of the face is felt significantly as the first recognized place is the eyes and the around the eyes on visual contact between people. While the skin excess on eyelids causes rumination and drowsiness when you look at the same point constantly (reading books, watching TV, driving vehicles), ptosis droops the eyelid and narrows the sight.

Lower Eyelid Herniation and the Problems arising from it

The most important problem observed on lower eyelids is the generation of under-eye bags and the wrinkles accomanpying these. This problem gives a constant tired and negative visual energy. Surgically the under-eye bags and skin wrinkles may be permanently corrected.

The eye is our most important organ connecting us to outer world. The eyeball is located within a bone frame named orbita. There are fat pads absorbing the pressure and located between the eyeball and this bone frame to protect the eye. These fat pads are secured in cells named septum within a specific pressure. Sometimes, structurally, septum may tear and fat pads may herniate under the eye with the pressure and create the under-eye bags.

Blepharoplast Surgery

Upper blepharoplasty is the name of the surgery where the skin and muscle drooping on upper eyelid is treated. This process may be generally conducted with local anaesthesia and approximately takes 45 minutes. While sometimes only the excess skin is taken, but if orbicularis oculi muscle is drooping, this situation may be corrected simultaneously (plication). The surgery cut is located on the fully folding place when the eyelid is open, thus, no surgery mark is visible for upper eyelid aesthetic surgeries.

The lower eyelid aesthetic surgery is conducted with general anaesthesia as that area is sensitive. The operation period is approximately 1 hour. The main problem on the lower eyelid is the herniation of fat pads in addition to skin excess. These fat pads are reached through incisions made on eyelash line for lower eyelids. The herniated section is taken away by incision and torn septum is corrected. As the skin is closed, the skin excess which causes wrinkles on the eye is also taken away and operation ends. The patient is suggested to be stay in the hospital for 1 night for checking if there is bleeding after the lower eyelid aesthetic surgery.

What Will Be Your Experience Day By Day ?

1st Day: You will have no pain after both lower and upper eyelid surgeries. Yet, it is of importance to apply cold compress starting from the early period. You may drink water, eat food and move as you would like to on the early period after the surgery. It is very normal to observe leaking blood on the early period after the surgery because of the properties of the area. You may be discharged 2 hours after the surgery after upper eyelid surgery.

2nd Day: You will be discharged after doctor check for upper eyelid surgery. It is suggested to use a sun glass for your eyes will be sensitive after the surgery.