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Breast Augmentation Surgery

General Information

The small size of breasts may occur as an insufficiency of breast tissue because of development and involution after breastfeeding. Especially, insufficient estrogen levels in the development period or breast tissue being insusceptible to normal estrogen levels are the most important reasons for small breast size. In some cases such as Poland Syndrome, only one breast develops. In progressed cases, muscle tissue and rib cage anomalies may be observed.

In the recent approach, various methods are defined for breast enlargement. The medicines and creams with hormone contents are not suggested as they disrupt the hormonal balance. It was observed that the fat tissue taken from another section of the body and injected to breasts would not ensure sufficient enlargement and simply go away in time. The application of synthetic fillings with Hyaluronic acid and bioalchiamid structure are not preferred by many doctors as they have many and severe side effects.

The most effective and safe way for breast enlargement is the utilization of ‘Silicon Breast Prostheses’.


What Are The Properties Of Silicon Breast Protheses ?

It is made of silicone and its exterior surface is made of a solid shell and its interior surface is soft and has a consistency of a gel.

– The exterior shell is very resistant to pressure. This structure may carry 40 kg on an area of 1 cm. It does not explode under pressure. Yet, it may be perforated with liquid objects. In case that the exterior capsule is perforated, the gel silicon protects its shape thanks to its memory.

– The silicon is the material known as the least allergen for the body. Therefore, it is not expected to create an allergic reaction.

– It does not transmit to milk secretion and has no effects over the breast diseases (including cancer).

– It does not prevent mammography which has to be conducted routinely on women who are over 40 years old.

– The only problem known for silicon breast prosthesis is ‘capsule contraction’. The capsule contraction is the intense development of fibrosis capsule wrapping the prosthesis and developing physiologically in a determined period. This situation may require the extraction of prosthesis for intense capsule contractures.

The breast prostheses are produced as ‘drop (anatomic)’ and ‘circular’. The circular prosthesis is used for breasts which are requested to be rounded on the nipple and anatomic prostheses will be used for breasts to be enlarged naturally.

How do you determine the breast prosthesis to be used?

The breast enlargement surgery with silicon breast prosthesis is conducted with general anesthesia. The surgery approximately takes 30-45 minutes.

How and where are the Breast Prosthesesget placed?

The breast prosthesis may be placed from armpit, breast tip or under the breast. The most frequently used method in our day is the protection of prosthesis with under the breast approach. The placement would cause the lease damage to tissues around the breast and the breast tissue. The mark is left under the breast and causes no problem. The surgical operation period is the shortest for this application.

Another subject is the placement of breast prosthesis to a tissue level.

Breast Prostheses may be placed as;

1- Subglandular

2- Subdural

3- Submuscular

4- Half submuscular and half subgrandular(Dual plan).

Since the breast prosthesis is used to enlarge the small or non-existent breast tissue, therefore creating a virtual breast tissue, finding the most suitable tissue plan is very valid for the creation. Therefore, as long as there is no obligating factor, the prosthesis placement as subglandular or submuscular would provide the most ideal result.

If the breast tissue is non-existent or very small, the prosthesis must be placed as submuscular. Submuscular placement is not suggested for the patients with sufficient breast tissue.

What are the Properties of Submuscular Prosthesis?

– This plan is implemented if the breast tissue is non-existent or very small.

– It prevents the prosthesis to be felt or seen from outside.

– As the breast is covered after the surgery, they do not naturally sag for a period. It results with a very steep appearance.

– The submuscular plan is not suggested for breasts with skin sagging.

What are the Properties of Subgrandular or Subdural Prosthesis?

– This is the most ideal method for patients with sufficient breast tissue.

– The period after the surgery is very comfortable and without pain.

– Natural appearance is obtained in a short period.

– Yet, the sides of prosthesis may be felt with fingers at subgrandular groove.

What Will Be Your Experience Day By Day ?

1st Day: You will not have any specific pain after the surgery. Yet, you may have some pain for submuscular prosthesis applications. 3 hours after the surgery you will drink some water and eat and then stand up and walk a little.

2nd Day: When your doctor comes to visit you, your drains will be removed and your medical dressing will be checked and then you will be discharged.

3rd Day: You can fulfill all your needs by yourself and go outside. It is suggested that you should avoid from sudden and compelling actions. You should not take off the corset which was put on you during the surgery. It is important for your safety.

4th Day: Your first check up will be conducted. You can bathe after this check up.

Next Period: Your doctor will explain what to consider and how to act after the check up. You need to use the protective corset for the first week after the surgery. It is suggested that you should be using sports bra for 8 weeks (2 months) after the surgery.

Your breasts will be very upright for the first period after the surgery. Your breasts will obtain a normal position with the impact of gravity in 2 months and a normal result will be obtained.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does breast prosthesis explode?

The silicon breast prosthesis is durable against 40 kg pressure for 1 cm2. When calculated on the whole surface, it may resist against over 1 ton weight and therefore it does not explode. Yet, it may be perforated with sharp tools such as needles and knifes. The silicon in the prosthesis is not fluidal, therefore, it is not ejected into the body.

Can I breastfeed after the prosthesis surgery?

After breast enlargement with the silicon breast prosthesis, you may breastfeed like all healthy women. The contents of prosthesis do not get in the human milk.

Does the breast prosthesis harm the body?

A statistically significant side effect has yet to be found for women using silicon breast prosthesis. Therefore, silicon breast prosthesis is the most effective and safe method known for the breast enlargement.

When should I replace the breast prosthesis?

The silicon breast prostheses are warrantied for life and do not require replacement thanks to their physical properties.

Does the drop prosthesis give more natural appearance compared to circular pros-thesis?

While the drop prostheses give fullness to breast head and under breast, the circular prostheses give fullness to the under and over of breast head. Therefore, they have no superiority against each other. The choice made by the physical properties of the patient.

Does the prosthesis placed under the muscle for breastfeeding?

The contents of silicon breast prostheses does not dissolve into the body. Therefore, the prosthesis is not required to be placed as submuscle for breastfeeding.

Does the submuscle prosthesis application provide a more natural appearance?

The silicon implant is placed to give fullness on the breast. The natural plan of the breast is over the muscle tissue. Therefore, the most natural result is obtained when the prosthesis is placed over the muscle. The submuscle prosthesis placement is the method used to hide the prosthesis for patients with no breast tissue.

How is the size of the breast prosthesis determined?

The size of breast prosthesis to be used in the surgery is determined by person depending on the requested breast side and body structure of the patient.

On which season should I have breast prosthesis surgery?

The breast prosthesis surgery may be conducted on all seasons.

When do I heal after the surgery?

In the early period after the surgery, you may return to your daily life. But, your breasts will achieve its natural and aesthetic appearance in 2 months.