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Breastlift Surgery ( Mastopexy )

General Information

What is pytosis?

The impact of gravity may not be denied in the deformation of tissues and aging during the human life. With some of the personal properties, the women may have breasts changed its place downwards independent from the size of normal breasts. This sagging may exist in excessively small or big breast sizes. The breast sagging is rarely seen on normal sized breasts.

What are the Reasons of Pytosis?

– The tissue elasticity and genetical properties are very determinant. Having low tissue elasticity is very important for breast sagging at young age.

– Smoking is the important external factor disrupting the skin quality.

– The impacts of gravity continue through the life. Therefore, constant use of bras decreases this impact obviously.

– The repeated deliveries and long term breastfeeding periods appears to be the most important factors on sagging.

– The breast deformations are observed frequently on the women with fibrocystic breast disease or polycystic over dieases.

Breastlift ( Mastopexy ) Surgery

If sagging is observed on big breasts, and therefore both size reduction and breastlift is required, the solution for this problem is ‘Breast reduction’ surgery. Because, the breast reduction surgery also realizes the process of breastlift.
If sagging is observed on small breasts, and therefore both breast prosthesis surgery and breastlift is to be planned in combination. This process may also remive assymetry and size difference between breasts and is called ‘Augmentation Mastopexy’.
Sagging breasts are rarely seen with sufficient breast tissue and it is treated with only ‘mastopexy’ surgery.
The breastlift surgery is conducted with general anesthesia. The operation period is approximately 2-3 hours depending on the use of prosthesis. Hospitalization for 1 day is sufficient.
Most of the breastlift surgeries require silicon breast prosthesis to support the tissue. Even though the breast size is sufficient for the patient during the breastlift process, the breast tissue is compacted and lose volume. This loss causes visible reduction on the size of the breast. Therefore, the use of silicon prosthesis may be unavoidable.
Since the nipple is carried upwards in the breastlifting surgery, there will be mark pust as in the breast reduction surgery. With a good mark recovery, the marks will be at a level which will not give you discomfort in approximately 1 year. Especially, peryareolar mastopexy may be conducted with incisions made around the nipple on rare causes with less sagging and there would be no mark.

Introduction To Silicon Breast Prostesis

It is made of silicone and its exterior surface is made of a solid shell and its interior surface is soft and has a consistency of a gel.

– The exterior shell is very resistant to pressure. This structure may carry 40 kg on an area of 1 cm. It does not explode under pressure. Yet, it may be perforated with liquid objects. In case that the exterior capsule is perforated, the gel silicon protects its shape thanks to its memory.

– The silicon is the material known as the least allergen for the body. Therefore, it is not expected to create an allergic reaction.

– It does not transmit to milk secretion and has no effects over the breast diseases (including cancer).

– It does not prevent mammography which has to be conducted routinely on women who are over 40 years old.

What Will Be Your Experience Day By Day ?

1st Day: You will not have any specific pain after the surgery. Yet, you may have some pain for submuscular prosthesis applications. 3 hours after the surgery you will drink some water and eat and then stand up and walk a little.

2nd Day: When your doctor comes to visit you, your drains will be removed and your medical dressing will be checked and then you will be discharged. After evaluation, the doctor may request you to stay in the hospital for one more day.

3rd Day: You can fulfill all your needs by yourself and go outside. It is suggested that you should avoid from sudden and compelling actions.

4th Day: Your first check up will be conducted. You can bathe after this check up.

Next Period: Your doctor will explain what to consider and how to act after the check up. You need to use the protective corset for the first week after the surgery. It is suggested that you should be using sports bra for 8 weeks (2 months) after the surgery.

Your breasts will be very upright for the first period after the surgery. Your breasts will obtain a normal position with the impact of gravity in 2 months and a normal result will be obtained.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the breastlift surgery leave any mark?

The breaslift surgeries leave marks. A mark appearing like a reverse T from the nipple to downwards will be left. In addition to this, this mark will mostly gone in 1 year with scar care

Is prosthesis used in breastlift surgery?

While the size of breasts seem to be sufficient for the patient in the many breastlift surgeries, silicon breast prosthesis is used. In addition to sagging downwards, also loseness occurs on the breast tissue for breast sagging. Therefore, the volume of breasts decrease by tightening of breast tissue. Many times, silicon breast prostheses are used to balance this volume loss.

Do my breasts sag again after the breastlift surgery?

The most important factor which may not be changed for the sagging of tissues is the gravilty. The breast, when not supported, are affected directly by gravity. As a result, after the breastlift surgery, sagging is expected in time for breasts.

Can I breastfeed after breastlift surgery?

The breast tissues are not directly intervened with in breastlift surgery. Therefore, you may breastfeed after surgery.

Do I have a loss of sensation on my nipples after breastlift surgery?

While these effects occur temporary, no permanent situation is expected.