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Buttock Augmentation Surgery

General Information

Slim waist and a distinct oval buttock is the body shape for desired to have every women.  A lot of women have complaint about the buttock they have is not a shaped and distinct they want to have. For the reason that, Buttock Augmentation is the surgery that the most favourite procedure for patient safety and satisfaction although several different procedures have been mad efor buttock area expansion and shaped. Currently, The injection inside the buttock is the chosable alternative procedure for the same purpose but this type of proceure has some problems about repetition and volume loss in time for enough expansion for buttock. But, Buttock Augmentation procedure is proven enough volume for buttock shape they want permanently and gives different options to choose for the patient. Buttock Augmentation procedure has not any known side-effects  With this procedure the patient is only aare of not injection at buttock area after the procedure. Some previous faulty buttock augmentation procedure are not fully operated within the faiures of apartness of buttock and low line of buttock.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Buttock Augmentation is done under the general anesthesia and is operated by almost 2 hours. During the surgery, Augmentation parts are placed into sacrococcyeal articulation (sacral area) within 4 cm hole through a line tissue. Augmentation is placed into the gluteus maksimus muscle fibers  with the technique as known as intermascular. The front and back of the augmentation parts are covered with these muscle fibres. This tecnique provides for the patient that the augmentation is never felt and prohibits the buttock dangle The blood flood is under control with the placement of 2 dren during the surgery. End the end of the surgery, the patient is wore the bodice that makes fully covered for the buttock. In early period, Some pain is expected with muscle dissection but with some medication, the effects of the pain might be decreased.

Daily Life After The Surgery

First Day :  You can lie down with the supine position. After three hours from the surgery, you can drink water and eat soft meals. We cannot recommend for walking at the first day.

Second Day : The 2 drens are removed at this day. After this process, you can sit on a flat surface. If your doctor thinks that this is right time for your exit, you can be discharged from the hospital

Third Day : Your walking sessions must be longer. Having a batroom is absolutely necessary fort his period.

First Week : The daily routine is stablished again with no movement obstacles. During standing up, your buttock will be seemed higher and straight.

Two Months later : All sport ctivities can be done.

Three months : Your buttock will be placed a little lower position which makes your buttock seems neutral.