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Gynecomasty Surgery

General Information

The breast tissue is very sensitive for hormonal stimulus (most importantly estrogen) and it is a gland specialized with functions and dimensions are determined with hormonal stimulus. Anormal breast enlargement for men and women causes different problems.

How does the breasts size increase in males?

Men are subjected to estrogen domination in three different phases in their life. First of these is the early infancy period, the main source of estrogen is the breast milk. The baby who is breast fed is subjected to high amounts of estrogen and therefore his breasts become distinct. The babies who stop breast feeding lose this effect. The men are subjected to high amounts of estrogen in puberty period. The main source of estrogen in this period is the adrenal glands. The simultaneous testosterone increment triggers the sexual changes on the body. The third phase is the aging period, with the increment of fat in the body, the estrogen production is triggered and the breasts grow larger.

What are the types of Gynecomasty?

There are three types of gynecomasty structurally:

1- GrandularGynecomasty(Real Gynecomasty), the permanent development of breast tissue which may be functional on males just as female breasts.

2- LipomatosisGynecomasty (PsuedoGynecomasty), as an abnormal fat accumulation, it happens as the breasts are heavy fattened on males (lipodistrophy).

3- Mixed Gynecomasty, is the permanent breast enlargement with both breast tissue and fat tissue.

The type of gynecomasty may be determined by experience doctors after palpation examination. Yet, the full diagnosis are placed with ultrasonography.

Gynecomasty Surgery

The gynecomasty surgery is conducted with general anesthesia and approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour.

The lipomatosis and mixed gynecomasties generally treated with liposuction. During the liposuction, use of ultrasonography sound waves eases the taking of tissues completely. The entry is made on the armpits for the patients without breast hair and middle of the breast for patients with breast hair and thus the entry holes become hidden and unseen.

For grandular type, a half crescent entry is made on the top of breast to completely clean the breast tissue and excessive tissue is taken off. Rarely drains are put for controlling the bleeding. Since the incision is made on the side of areola section, no mark is left.

At the end of surgery, your chest will be covered with chest bandage to be covered for 3 weeks. This bandage does not prevent you from wearing normal clothes.


What Will Be Your Experience Day By Day ?

1st Day: You may be discharged after a resting period of 3-4 hours with all techniques. You will have no pain. Yet, bruises may be seen around the chest.

2nd Day: You will be back to your normal lives completely. Yet, you may experience pain with arm movements.

3rd Day: Your first check-up day. You may have a bath after this.

3rd Week: You may take off your bandage. Your chest will have the form you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the surgery leave any mark?

No mark is left in gynecomasty surgery conducted with surgical incision or liposuction.

Does gynecomasty occur again after the surgery?

The breasts and fat tissue causing gynecomasty does not have the ability to reproduce. Therefore, it does not repeat after its gynecomasty surgery.

Does gynecomasty surgery conducted with local anesthesia?

The mild and moderate gynecomasties may be conducted with local anesthesia. Yet, for severe cases, general anesthesia is preferred for the comfort of the patient.

Do I get hospitalized after the surgery?

3-4 hours of rest is sufficient after the surgery, you may be discharged on the same day.

How is my recovery period after the surgery?

The recovery is very fast after the surgery. You may return to your normal life in 24 hours after the surgery.