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General Information

The weight which may not be lost by all viable actions is the common problem of many people. Liposuction is a method developed for the treatment of fat accumulation abnormally placed and resistant to being lost. Yet, its application area widened in time and it became viable for weight loss and correction of body contours while complying with some rules.

The liposuction process is based on the extraction of excessive fat tissue in the body with negative pressured cannulas. The fat tissue may be broken up with ultrasonic sound waves, radiofrequency method or laser energy. The liposuction process is named as Vaser liposuction, laser or RF lipolysis depending on the technology being used.

Independent from the method to be used, liposuction has only one basic principle; the most important factor ensuring good body lines is the experience and ability.

Which Patients are suitable for Liposuction?

Liposuction may be conducted for various reasons for people of all ages.

The main point here is the patient groups having satisfactory results from liposuction process.

Ideal patients for liposuction are:

– Patients who have not gave birth yet (for women),

– Patients who have a disease which require continuous treatment,

– Patients who do not have movement obstructions,

– Patients who have fat excess on waist, abdomen, back, knee and chin areas and who cannot lose such fat with all kinds of available actions.

Not smoking affects the result positively for both genders.

What are the Benefits of Liposuction Process?

1- It allows the permanent loss of fat excess and weight which may not be lost with diet and sports;

2- It provides a good physical appearance, matching with other body parts.

3- It decreases the fat load of the body. It decreases the risk of coronary and vascular diseases.

4- It decreases the ‘central obesity’ known as accumulation around the abdomen.

Liposuction Surgery

The process is generally conducted with general anesthesia. The process period is approximately 1 – 2 hours depending on the fat amount to be extracted and the body parts to be process. The body part planned to be thinner is first inflated with a special liquid. This liquid inflates the fat cells and makes them ready to be sucked (in approximately 20 minutes). After that, the break up process is conducted depending on the method to be used. The fat cells are sucked with negative pressured special cannulas. There will only be marks with a dimension of 1 cm. for cannulas.

The patient may be discharged after few hours. Yet for big amounts of fat extractions, one day of hospitalization is suggested. The patient may return to his/her normal life in 1-2 days with ease.

How much Fat may be taken with Liposuction Process?

Against many beliefs, it is possible to extract 10-12 liters of fat from healthy and young patients. If the patient has no coronary-vascular system disease or diabetes which require treatment or coronary problems such as varicosis or emboli history, not have anticoagulant or similar drugs or not using cigarettes, the process may be conducted safely. While the safety limit is given as 4 liters in classic books, it is observed in the literature that more than 10 liters fat extraction was conducted with safety.


What Will Be Your Experience Day By Day ?

1st Day: When you wake up, you will feel very thinner. You will have no pain after the surgery. You will drink water and eat something 3 hours after the surgery and you will walk a little. If liposuction is only conducted on a single area, you may be discharged from the hospital. If a big amount of fat is taken, it will be very normal to feel tired on the first day, and in this case you will be hospitalized for one night.

2nd Day: You will be no longer tired. Yet, you will have a pain similar to muscle pain occurring with movements on the processed areas. There will be no bandage dressing process. Yet, the pads winded on your body will be taken off. You may be discharged after the check up.

3rd Day: You will fee that your muscle pain will be lesser.

Next Period: You will be completely back to your normal life on average of 5days. You will have edema depending on the lymphatic tissue damage on the areas processed 1 week after the surgery. Your doctor will explain the things to be done as it is important to break up these edemas with daily massage. You will use special corsets for 5 weeks after the surgery. You should not use clothes which squeeze your waist for that period. In addition, smoking negatively affects the recovery period.

Can The Tissue Reproduce After Being Taken With Liposuction ?

The fat cells in the human body continue to divide and reproduce until the end of puberty. Yet, there are stable numbers of fat cells in the body of an adult. A fat cell may store 6-7 times bigger fats in volume. The weight loss obtained with many methods such as exercise, diet, cavitation, radiofrequency is only for emptying the fat in these fat cells. Therefore, when the method used to lose weight is stopped, the cells start to store fat again. The patient can take the weight he/she gave in 3 months just in 3 days.

In liposuction process, the fat cells are directly taken from the body. For example, there are 10 fat cells in your abdomen area. When these are full, they store 60 units of fat (6 fold). Your diet or exercise routine emptied the fat in these cells mostly. But you still have 10 fat cells and they can store up to 60 units when you start to eat. On the other hand, liposuction process may extract 7 of these fat cells and remaining 3 fat cells.  Even when you continue eating, you may only store 18 units of fat.

As a result, liposuction process not only allows you to get rid of unwanted fat accumulation, but also decreases the capacity to store fat of that area.

What Will Be Your Experience Day By Day ?

What are the differences of liposuction, liposhaping, lipolysis processes?

All terms mean the same process in basic. They are names put for creating differences. In addition, according to technology used to ease the suction of fats during liposuction, names such as vaser liposuction, laser lipolysis or RF lipolysis are used.

Does the skin tighten with vaser liposuction or laser lipolysis?

There is no scientific data regarding the tightening of the skin for liposuction process conducted with vaser or laser support. It should be known that the recovery period extends with the use of these technologies. In addition to this, there are exceptions where these technologies are preferred.

Does liposuction leave marks and waves on the body?

Only 0.5 cm marks of the entry holes of cannulas left on the area after the liposuction. These marks are kept in body curves and disappear in time. The waves on the skin may occur by different reasons after the process. In addition to technical deficiency, the skin sagging arises from smoking and not using the corset. When these issues are considered, no waves are expected.

How much fat is taken with liposuction? How much weight loss is obtained?

10-12 liters of fat may be extracted depending on the fat load of the patient. Therefore, a serious thinning may be observed on the body (4-6 size). Yet, since the density of fat is light weight, the weight loss is not expected parallel to this.

Does the fat sucked with liposuction come back?

The fat tissue does not increase numerically after the age of 20s. Therefore, theoretically the fat cells taken with liposuction do not come back. Yet, the remaining fat cells remaining after the liposuction may continue to store fat.

Do other parts of body fatten after liposuction?

Some patients do not care for diets after liposuction and gain weight. While the other parts of the body are fattening, the areas where the liposuction is conducted do not fatten or fatten very slightly. This situation may be interpreted as increment of fattening in other areas after liposuction.

What is the difference of liposuction process from all other weight loss methods?

All weight loss methods known other than liposuction ensure the fat loss in the fat cells. Since the cells are intact, the patient may gain weight again. Yet, with liposuction process, the fattening is not expected on the area processed.

How long does it take to heal after liposuction?

You may return to your normal lives in 2-3 days after liposuction. Yet, it takes approximately 5 weeks for the recovery of edemas. It is very important to use shaping corsets in this period.

What is the risk of emboli for liposuction surgery?

When valid indications are given, there is no difference in regards to risk of emboli than other surgeries.