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Midface Lifting Surgery

General Information

What is the meaning of midface?

Human Face is seperated from 3 main categories as Up-face,Mid-face and Down-face. From hair linet o the eyes is named as Up-Face. From eyes to the lips is named as Mid-Face . And from lips to the chin is named as Down-Face.

The first and specific beginning of aging on the face comes with the midface aging.The tissue of the cheekbone loses its volume and dangles. This transformation is caused under-eye suborbital, expnading cheeks, troughability which start from nose to mouth lines and transforming face into the square or rectangular shaped. This situation defined as Midface dangle.

Midface dangle gives tired impression to the face at early stages but at these stages fillings to the cheekbones and nazolabials can fix the problems. These procedures are

Midface Lifting Surgery

Midface Lifting is done under the general anesthesia and is operated by almost 2 hours. Cuttings are placed both upper and lower eyelids and eyelashes.

The aim is that pulling the midface tissues which is beginning to move down up to higher and immobilized into supraorbital. With same cuttings, reaching the fat pads is possible. From this reason, the under-eye bags can be taken at the same procedures or the extra tissue in the under-eyelids can be removed. Owing to continuing to after cutting with dissection of tissue through the upper-chin, The protection of infraorbital nerve which enables the feeling of the cheeks is very important.In Midface Lifting surgery, most of the time both cheekbones are supported and nasolabial canals are filled with fatty tissues which is obtained from patient himself/herself.

In early stages, the formation of oedemasand bruisesis reduced with intense ice implementation. In addition that, some bruises and oedemas places at first week. This is normal. The patients full recovery is done by 2 – 3 week long. Staying one day at the hospital after the surgery is enough already. With this surgery, the patient has at least five year long young appreance.

Midface Lifting surgery has a complication which is bleeding in early stages but it is very rare. Two problems which are operated and probable in this surgery are occured. They are ectropion and permanent hypokinesis of the cheeks but if the surgery has done properly, both of them are no concernable problems.

Daily Life After And During The Surgery

First Day : There is no pain after the surgery but applying cold compresses for bleeding control and oedemea. The third hour of the surgery, you can drink water and eat soft things. After that you can stand up and walk away.

Second Day : You can come out of the hospital following doctor’s retreatments and medical dressing.

Fifth Day : It is the first control day. It is normal you have oedemeas around your face and eye area. You can take a shower after the control.

Third Week : It is the time that your oedemeas are gone. You can make up and living your normal life. At this time, Is is normal that your eyes are get watery eyes and some rash but they are shortly being gone.