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Reduction Mamoplasty Surgery

General Information

The excessive size of breasts (macromasty), is an aesthetical problem and may cause serious health problems. The surgical reduction of abnormally sized breasts is called ‘Reduction Mamoplasty’.

Big Breast Size for Young Women

The big breast size for young women may occur structurally or by fibrocystic breast disease. The ‘polycystic over’ disease observed on the ovary of these women must be studied. The younger patients have a higher aesthetic anxiety. The patients generally want more beautiful and acceptable size of breasts.

Big Breast Size for Middle Aged and Elderly Women

While the importance of aesthetic anxiety decreases for middle aged and elderly women, the health problems caused by big breasts come into prominence.

– Inframammary skin irritation and rash;

– Non-threatable shoulder and back pain;

– Cervical disc hernia;

– Arm apathy and weakness on arms arising from nerve compression;

– Headache and dizziness resistant to treatment.

– Especially the big breast size for over 40 years causes serious depression and disrupts the living quality.

Details Reduction Mamoplasty

The reduction mammoplasty surgery is conducted with general anesthesia and approximately takes 2-2,5 hours. At the end of the surgery, drains are placed on both breasts. The placement of drains for reduction mammoplasty surgeries which may bleed both prevents the development complications and speeds the healing process.

A reduction is conducted with a plan in reduction mammoplasty surgeries. The aimed breast size is the size which would fully fill B bras. They may be left bigger if desired by the patient.

The patients who are smoking must stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery and do not smoke for 4 weeks after the surgery. This allows the nipple to be placed in its new place in a healthy way and ensures a good recovery period. Especially, the patients with excessive sized breasts may lose their nipples if they don’t stop smoking.

After the surgery, the current size of the breasts and suitable technique is important for protecting the feeling of sensation on nipple and ensuring the breast to continue its function to lactate. Rarely, these are lost for very big breasts.

An important issue, permanent marks will be created with all breast reduction surgeries. Depending on the technique used, a mark from nipple to downwards or in addition to this line, a reverse T mark at inframammary line may be left. These marks disappear slightly in time.

What Will Be Your Experience Day By Day ?

1st Day: You will not have serious pain after the surgery. You will drink water and eat something after 3 hours. After that you will walk a little. You need to be careful about your movements on the first day and not turn on your sides in bed.

2nd Day: You will need to walk and move on 2nd day. Your drains will be checked by your doctor and will be pulled or kept for one more day.

3rd Day: Your bandages will be redressed and your drains will be taken off and then you will be discharged.

Next Period: Your first check up will be conducted on 1st week after the surgery. You may take a bath after the check up.

After 2nd week, you will start to use special creams or silicon bands for scar recovery.

It is suggested that you use a sports bra for first 2 months. Your breasts will have a natural shape after 2 months.

It will take 1 year for your scars to become in a way which do not disturb you.

Your back pain will be treated and weakness on arms will decrease in the early period. Your problems such as posture disruption, local buckling will be eliminated.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I breastfeed after the reduction mammoplasty?

Techniques are developed to protect sufficient breast tissue for breast feeding and nipples in reduction mammoplasty surgeries. Therefore, you may be pregnant and breastfeed after reduction mammoplasty surgery in some exceptions.

Does the surgery cause scar marks?

The reduction mammoplasty surgeries leave scars in scope of known techniques. There will be a reverse T mark on nipple to downwards. These marks are eliminated mostly 1-2 years after the surgery.

What is the size of breast after the surgery?

The average size will be B bra size after the reduction mammoplasty surgery. With the consideration of aesthetic anxiety on young patients, the breasts will be bigger and appearance will be considered, for patients who are 45 years old or older, they shall be reduced to a size for eliminating possible health problems.

Is there a loss of sensation on nipples after the surgery?

Depending on the chosen technique, the feeling of nipple may be protected or lost completely. The choice of techniques depends on the size of breast.

When will I heal after the surgery?

You will completely return to your lives after approximately 2 weeks after the surgery. In addition to this, your breasts will obtain a natural appearance in 2 months.